Weekly Tarot Guidance: 05.02.23 – 11.02.23


The universe is working to make everything right for you. Now is the right time for you to act upon your dreams and plans that you have chalked out since long time. Good news or some great opportunity is approaching you. A great time is just around the corner. For singles a new romantic cycle is about to begin. A lot of new beginnings in different aspects of life is going to start. You are about to begin a new journey of life. Also there are chances of you start travelling and exploring new places or relocating to a new place.


Something good is coming your way which going to put a smile on your face. This time your heart is going to smile as you are going to find someone special. You might be feeling low and will not be able to trust about the good luck coming your way. But make sure in this process you keep counting your blessings which will help you to keep trusting in universe. If you were facing some issues in your relationship since long time then now is the time when you are going to find the right solution for it. Or also you might find the culprit who was creating the issues between you and your partner.


All your wishes are going to be granted may it be buying a new house, returning back to your family or publishing your own book. A safe and secure life is about to approach you as the tough phase is getting over now. Do not run after the things that are not good for your higher good let them go and move ahead. Let the events unfold now at the right time and do not try to control any situation or circumstances. Its time to stop fearing the worst. Focus on learning new things that will help you to develop your skills. Try to balance personal and professional life.


Life experiences has taught you a lot and from the lessons has made you a wise person. With the wisdom as well as your intuitions help you to differentiate between good and bad. One of your loyal friend is trying to help you to guide and show you the right path whenever you feel lost. One of the partner in a relationship has to go far away for professional reason. Somethings you need to accept gracefully rather than fighting and trying to change which you cannot. Your dreams can come true but still more efforts are required.


An important turning point is coming into your life which will bring a powerful and positive change in your life. You need to work on your fears which is creating negative vibes around you. The universe wants you to focus on your life purpose as it is trying to push you towards it. Also make sure you have the right people around you and not the one who are just fooling around. There is a need for you to change your perspective towards looking at life. Also you need to stop feeling jealous about others achievements better focus on your goals.


Time to release all the negative energy from your life as well as all the negative thoughts from your mind. Deep breathing will help you to calm yourself so that you can think clearly without having any fears. Loneliness is making you more depressed. Go out and meet new people, travel, watch birds, take a stroll in nature and heal yourself. Many times we create worse situations around us by over thinking. Stop pretending to be someone else in front of others and be someone else behind the doors. Show your true self to the world without fearing about people judging you.


Struggles in your life has made you a wise and strong person that you are today. If you are staying away from home for any reason is going to run back home just for the kids. You might feel that you have done enough for your career and now is the high time you give your precious time to your family and kids. If you are into too much stress then you should take some time off from everything and spend some quality time with yourself. If you love swimming than it is been recommended so that you can heal faster. Your hard work is going to pay off soon.


Air travelling to meet your spouse/love of your life is happening this week. You are more likely to take necessary steps to make things happen rather then sit and wait for the things to happen by themselves. Before taking any drastic steps make sure you are making proper plans and following it without involving any risk. Wish upon a star and you will find the new path to explore and your wishes will be fulfilled. You are soon going to be healed with divine love and light. You will find things and situations healing magically around you so do not lose hope.


Stop doubting people who are loyal to you and trusting the wrong ones. Make sure you trust the right ones or take elderly advice if you do not find out the solution for it. Take some time out to breathe and contemplate on the situations to sort out things with a calmer mind. Soon you are going to get a good news about your career or profession. You might also get a chance to travel to find the peace you are seeking or just because you need some change. Follow a healthy lifestyle so that your physical health is always in a good shape.


A bridge between you and your soulmate is getting ready by the universe. Surrender yourself to the divine and you will find the right path that will take you to your brighter and loving future. If you are dreaming or coming across a swan couple then they are hinting you of finding your soulmate soon. It’s time that your wishes are ready to become reality. If you are still holding on to the past then now is the time to release it and forgive the people that have betrayed you. Forgiveness will help you to set yourself free and make space for the new. Now is the time to start raising karma.


You might have to go through some loss related to your closed ones. To deal with the loss you have to keep yourself stable. Make sure you balance your spirituality and practicality which will help you to deal with your loss gracefully. Remember the end never brings happiness but it also make space for the new beginnings. Whatever happens always happens for a reason. Keep faith in your dreams and keep working towards it and you will definitely manifest it sooner or later. But still there is a lot of efforts to be made before getting the desired outcome.


Have faith in your dreams as they are ready to be a reality soon. You are protected and guided by the divine. The situation might feel dicey right now but everything has a purpose and you will soon find the clarity you are seeking. You are going to shine like a star through your work. Trust the divine timing and do not forget to meditate and contemplate that will give you the clarity. Be patient as events unfold till then meditate. Spend time under the starry sky which will help you to restore your faith in magic and give you new hopes.

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