Weekly Tarot Guidance: 12.02.23 – 18.02.23


This week you are ready to explore new things that were on your wishlist and it could be visiting new places. You are going to enjoy every moment of life as right now, you really want to live in the moment and not worry about anything else. This time is of strong connections and bonds with your family and friends. You also might find someone special entering your life. This is a great time to start something new and also review the plans that have been stuck and take things ahead. The success is going to be yours only if you stay focused.


It’s time to act upon your emotions and follow what your heart says you to. From a very long time your heart is telling you to do something but you are not ready to do it. Before the time runs out you need to act upon it. If you have been keeping yourself busy to avoid listening your inner voice then now is the time to go quiet and listen to it carefully. Trust the universe is doing everything that is for your highest good do not keep declining everything that comes to you. Accept gracefully especially the good things that are meant for you without getting scared about losing it.


You have to get back on the track as you have forgotten the skills, gifts that you have. Start honoring yourself and finding your gifts back and that can be done by healing yourself. You have forgotten the power of your words, emotions and ideas which helps you to heal yourself as well as others. Some situation in your life has made you give up all your power and made your emotionally weak. Now is the time to take charge of your life and reactivate your power and get back to chasing your dreams. Prosperity lies ahead and you have to drive yourself to get what you want. Soon you will be able to buy the things that you thought is out of your league.


If something doesn’t work out that does not mean you have to give up. There are two options try some different plans or get a new perspective. Or drop the plan and move ahead with the other options or plans. If you keep working on without giving up then you are going to soon accomplish success. Remember communication is the key and you have to make sure you speak clearly about your intentions. Follow your heart and you will find the right path that you are searching for. A single wrong word may destroy your good plans. Something exciting lies ahead so keep moving.


You are worried that you are lacking behind and all others of your age or your friends have achieved a lot. Your confusion whether to board the train or not or which train to board had made you miss a lot of journeys that would have taken you to your destination. Even now it is not late and you can still choose the life you want to lead. If you could revive your inner child within you will be able to see life in a new way which will help you to start a new. Find the balance between what and how to speak while communicating your thoughts or opinion with others. A magical connection is waiting for you so move ahead with confidence and positivity.


A loss that you are going through needs some time to heal. But you need to understand that life goes on and you too have to accept things gracefully and move ahead. Locking yourself up and being lonely and disconnected from others isn’t going to help. Go out meet new people and start building your new life again. This is the time if you focus on your work and dreams everything is going to be successful. The universe is here to help you to build your life as per your desire, remember you are the co-creator of your own life.


Get your power and energy back as you have to go a long way yet. Getting confuse or feeling low or waiting for situation to change will not help. If you take one step forward the life is going to take one more step towards you, but if you to stop it will stop too. If at work place you are facing difficulties or someone playing dirty games with you then you need to be more careful. You have to take every step, every move smartly so that no one will ever be able to trap you or cheat you. If you are looking for a new job then now is the good time.


Be alert and active if you are planning to start something new, it could be a new business or a new project. Also if you are building or buying your own house then you need to be careful from your near ones they might create some issues. Without fighting or arguing you need to find out smart ways to do your job right. If you search carefully you will find many options to get your work done. You might be feeling some pressure at the professional or personal front. To maintain balance you need to practice spirituality and practicality equally.


This week you are going to spend your quality time with kids. Those who were facing some differences with your kids are going to be resolved and the connection with them is going to be deep. A birth of a child or a pregnancy news is coming your way. Overall an old phase is ending and there is a new beginning is on its way. A new project or idea is going to pop into your mind and it could be a turning point in your life. Trust yourself and take your ideas forward. If you want to do something different then you need to think and do it differently. You need to take some risk if you want success in life.


Ups and downs are a part of life. They should not make you give up or lose hope in life. Go out and start extending your social circle. Make new friends, learn something new, join a book club or something related to your hobby. If you are dealing in legal matters then a professional advice will help you to take right step. Writers need to focus more on the reading and research work if you are working on a trending topics. Meditate daily and you will be able to balance your emotions. Follow your heart as this is the time to act on your dreams and your heart will guide you to the right direction.


Are you confused and scared whether to continue with your job or start a new business. Unknown path might be scary but the things that makes you happy and content you should follow that path. Nothing is yet set in stone if you do a proper research and plan accordingly then things will work out. A resolution to your questions or issues are very near, do not give up and keep trying. If you focus on your work you will see something exciting is on its way. Don’t wait for things to happen by itself, you need to take steps towards it and make things happen.


It has been a long time since you are waiting for your Mr./ Ms. right as you do not believe in casual relationships. You were waiting for a deep soul connection till now and your wait is going to be over soon. If you are going through any health issues then do not worry as healing is taking place now. You will be healed soon but you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You have been through a lot recently and to take care of your mental and physical health you need to take a break. Go on a long walk or on a vacation where you will get some time to relax. Stop worrying about the outcome of your work done, as you are going to get paid for all your efforts done.

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