Weekly Tarot Guidance: 19.02.23 – 25.02.23


It’s time for you to release all the negative thoughts and negative people from your life. The negativity is creating blockages and so you are facing delays in every aspect of life. The new phase and beginnings are waiting for you to embrace them gracefully. If required without any hesitation please consult a counselor if you are finding it difficult to come out of any difficult situation. A great time is ahead. If you are looking for a new house then you will find your dream house. This new phase of your life will turn difficulties into opportunities. Start working on yourself and towards your bright future which has a lot of surprises for you.


You have gone through a lot of ups and downs but still, you have successfully come out of it. Now is the time when you are going to get the taste of success in your life. Make sure you reap the rewards carefully without hurting anyone’s feelings. You should move ahead with confidence and not arrogance only then you will find more success and happiness coming in. Take some time out to communicate with your colleagues or your loved ones so no misunderstanding takes place. Communication will help you to be connected and grounded. A lot of romantic surprises are coming your way.


Communication with a good news is approaching you so be ready for a celebration. If you are finding things difficult then make sure you approach the right people at right time and stay connected with them. A regular and casual conversation with your co-workers will help you to gain insights about your work environment. Few people does not have good intentions for you so be careful and take every step carefully. Learn to tackle such people in a tricky way and let them taste their own medicine. Start saving or investing whatever small amount you can but start immediately. Soon you will be able to buy the things of your dreams.


Something is bothering you, maybe where from here? or what to do next? some questions like this. Just worrying about it won’t help but you need to contemplate it. Maybe some ‘ME’ time will help you to remember or recollect the things that you always wanted to do but cannot. Maybe an old diary that you maintained might help you to recall your old hobby or love. Release the fear of leaving the secure life to chase your dreams. If you do not risk then you will never achieve your dreams and later might have to regret the same. New beginnings are on their way and are going to bring new opportunities, it depends further on what action you take with it.


The end of the tough cycle is approaching and new beginnings with positive changes are on their way. Those who are single and waiting for someone special will find while traveling or at some event or family function. You need to find a balance between your personal and private life. What info you share and with whom you share your private life details matters a lot. Work life might be going through a rough path but soon that phase is going to end. But still, the time is yet not come for you to relax but still, you have to put a lot of effort to achieve your goal.


Some changes are going on within you, you might not feel good emotionally and trying to find out what it is. This transformation within you is bringing out a new you for some spiritual growth and for some a new positive person is on its way. All the experiences that you have gone through have made you a wise person. Reading more and writing down your thoughts on such activities will help you to choose the right direction in your life. Nothing is yet set in stone still there are a lot of hopes and changes that you could bring the change in your life that you want to see. Those who were facing some health issues will finally find a permanent solution.


A new romantic cycle is going to begin and this relationship will bring safety and security to your life. Those who are already in a relationship should learn to balance the give and take in a relationship. Balancing the relationship and following its basic rule will help you to create more romance. You will find an anchor in your life it could be on a personal or professional level. Some of you can get through a government job if you were trying to get one. Some of you might also get a job like cyber security, a lawyer, or a psychologist.


Stop carrying others’ burdens without any reason, or you might have to suffer a lot. Your loyalty to this person and owning his/her mistakes will cost you a lot. It’s better to take precautions and find out the other way than regretting later. Ask yourself if taking such major steps is worth it? Ignoring this person’s mistake is creating more damage to your personal life. Surrender yourself to the divine and do not take any steps that will harm your life or your image. Positive changes are coming towards you only if you allow it by taking the right steps towards it.


It’s time to release your past and move ahead toward the new beginnings that are coming your way. You are going to be rewarded for all your past efforts and finally, you are going to feel secure with your work life. Your intuitions are trying to guide you so listen to them carefully. If something is bothering you then look into the matter carefully. Your imagination and creativity should be taking lead now which will bring success and fame to you. Do remember to be polite on your new journey of success, your one wrong move and things might collapse.


A life full of blessings, abundance, safety, and security is approaching you. You have come out strong and powerful due to the struggle you have been till now. Right now you might not be able to see the new beginnings yet but you will be able to experience them very soon. Right now you are between the end of the old phase and the beginning of the new phase. So now is the time when you should plan carefully and rethink your old plans and how to execute them. Remember not to lose confidence in this process if things are taking time to execute. Your confidence is your key to success. Luck is on your side now so start taking risks and don’t stop chasing your dreams.


Expect a powerful change coming your way but it will depend upon the steps you take toward it. If you keep fearing your future or change in your life then you might not able to experience positive changes. But if you start working on your fear and are ready to step out of your comfort zone then you will be able to see positive changes in your life. The universe is guiding you and taking you to the path that is heading toward success. Communication is coming towards you that is going to bring a celebration in your life. Time management is what you should be careful of, do the right thing at the right time and within time, and you will see the best outcome.


Stop hiding your emotions from others as well as from yourself. Bottling up your emotions will make things worse for you. Showing emotions is not a sign of weakness but it will help you to remain mentally healthy and strong. This is the time when you should remain positive as all your wishes are going to be granted. Practice morning affirmations so that you can manifest good health and abundance in your life. Be confident in whatever you do and execute your plans without any fears. Unexpected money is going to start flowing in especially if you are doing your own business.

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