Weekly Tarot Guidance: 26.02.23 – 04.03.23


You and your loved ones are safe so stop worrying that something is going to be wrong. The patterns are broke and nothing is going to repeat itself. The new beginnings are on its way till then you have to be patience and adjust yourself with the situations. Go with the flow and keep counting your blessings which will help you to stay positive. Beautiful blessings are coming your way through a message or a special person entering your life. Your descended loved one who is also your spirit guide is watching over you and protecting you.


From a long time you were waiting for that bridge/solution that will help you to connect your romantic partner. Now you are going to find that solution which will help you to connect with your love partner. This journey have not been easy for you and neither for your partner but still you have keep patience till you reach your destination. Calmness and understanding the situation and handling it sensitively will help you to get a better solution for your problems. Meditation and yoga will help you to stay calm. Also indulge yourself into a healthy eating.


Your prayers are going to be answered so be ready to receive your gifts from the universe. You will soon find your soulmate and a love of a lifetime. When your love life is just at the beginning stage be careful with whom you share the details with. Someone close to you might suddenly become a villain and make things worse for you. If you are looking out for a job then now is the time to apply for your dream job. If you are planning to start a new project than now is the good time to do so. Make sure you enjoy every moment of life and do not take things too seriously. Take conscious effort to make your health a priority.


You start doubting if good things start pouring into your life. Keep your past and your doubts aside, if they are only based on past experiences. The bad phase is over and now the new phase of your life has began. But unless and until you are not ready to accept things won’t be going smoothly. Life is now offering you a safe and secure life. Something exciting lies ahead in your life. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the world that has so much positive surprises and gifts to offer you. Spending some meditative time near water will help you to clear your thoughts.


Ask yourself why? why you have to be a different person in front of other people and someone else in private. Why you cannot be your true self? what are you scared of? Stop caring less about other people’s opinion and be your true self. And if you are ashamed of yourself then ask why? There are lot of hidden talents that you need to explore. Stop doubting others intention, just focus on yourself and how you can make your present and future better. Think less and act more only then your dreams can turn into reality. Take charge of your destiny, nothing and no one can help you unless you are ready to take action for it.


The new journey looks tough and challenging but you have to step ahead and start it. Release all the negative thoughts and walk through it. Face the situation confidently and you will find the right way. Instead of fear you need to bring in trust and love into the situation and you will not find it that difficult. Also if you are starting something new then you should also try some new execution plans. Thinking outside the box will bring the great solutions and outcomes. The universe is protecting and guiding you, also if required do call upon your spirit guides to show you the correct path.


If you are looking for some opportunity then now is the time you will find one. You will get a choice to choose the best one for yourself. You are very near to the success so do not give up or lose hope. There might be some legal contracts you need to sign so be careful while binding yourself to any contract. This is the time where you have to be on your toe and won’t get any time to sit ideal. But at the same time make sure you do not ignore yourself or your health. You need a long term planning may it be about career or financial planning.


You might be going through some painful loss which might have affected you badly. But now is the time when you have to start healing yourself. Surrender yourself to the divine, trust that the universe has better plans for you. You are the one who has to take action towards your healing only then universe will able to help you. Once you are healed your closed ones and the situations around you are going to heal. Trust your intuitions as they are guiding you to the right path. Someone is going to bring a good news to you which will become a turning point in your life. Your wishes are about to come true.


Dare to do something new and start taking risks only then you will be able to come out of the stuck situations. Make sure you make decisions at the right time so you do not have to regret it later. If you have some confusion or doubt than start clearing your doubts. Clearing your doubts do not make you look dumb but moving forward with doubts will create troubles for you. Bring love and trust into the situation instead of fear and you will see how obstacles get clear from your way. Best opportunities are coming your way, you will get a chance to select the one that aligns with your dreams.


If you are facing any issues or obstacles then trust the universe that it aligns something good for you. This time is your testing time but the universe is ready to lead you on the right path. You have already come a long way and that has made you stronger and wiser. Do not lose hope and hold on to your dreams as things soon are going to change for you betterment. Listen to your intuitions they are guiding you and giving you all your answers that you are seeking. The answers might be coming through your dreams.


Someone special or a situation is going to connect you with your childhood memories. If you have lost touch with your old self or your family then now you are going to get connected with them. Trust and value yourself only then you can expect the same from others. Also, you are going to be forced to change your perspective and look at life in a completely new way. These positive changes are going to bring a lot of good times in your life. You will be getting surprising gifts from your loved ones. If you are staying far away from your kids then soon you will be able to meet them.


A new beginning is on its way but only when you will leave your past bad experiences behind. Your fear of repeating the life cycle is not allowing you to move ahead freely. Start working on your fears and let yourself be free. You will find your soulmate in a function or a family event. For couples one of the partner might have to travel and stay at a distance for some time. A time for deep transformation is going on and the magic is going to happen soon. This transformation is not going to be an easy journey but it will be worth it.

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