Weekly Tarot Guidance: 05.03.23 – 11.03.23


The universe wants you to know that whatever chaos is going on in your life right now is for your betterment. The chaos is here to heal you, you might be going through some trauma, anxiety, or health issues. These issues were underlying for a long time and now they are up on the surface to clear out from your body, mind, and soul. The realm of the spirit is watching over you and keeping you safe. Do not worry about anything, trust and surrender yourself to the divine. You are in the process of healing and moving towards a brighter, new, and happy phase of life. The universe also wants you to know that you are on the right track.


Be honest with yourself and speak the truth. The truth might be harsh and accepting it might be harder but you have to do it for you good. Leaving a relationship or a job or speaking truth is now becoming mandatory. Once you start clearing the old and toxic things from your life the new and better things will start pouring in. A wonderful and magical life is awaiting for you. Some exciting things are around the corner be ready to embrace and celebrate it. How small the happy moments may look like but make sure you are always grateful for the good things that are happening to you.


You are waiting for a long time for a lifetime opportunity that will change your life. The wait is finally going to be over soon as you are going to be presented with such opportunities. Your all wishes and dreams are going to be fulfilled soon. Right now you might not be able to see such beautiful changes coming into your life but they are soon going to be a reality. The cards suggest that you start socializing and build your own community or join a community where you will be able to share your experiences. This is not the right time for any kind of hardcore commitment. Your ancestors from the realm of the spirit is watching and protecting you, and they are always going to be there to take you to your new and brighter future.


The courage is needed to take a leap of faith to chase your dreams. And now is the time when you should gather the courage to act upon your dreams. You are very close to your dreams but you keep trying and put all your efforts to achieve it. If you are going through some tough time then rest assured that things are happening to align everything with the universe plans for you. The confusion, the madness is going on in your life just to clear out all the unnecessary things from your life. Be patient and calm as things are soon going to turn into your favor.


It’s time to clear the clutter from your house, work desk, or mind. Clearing the clutter will make place for new beginnings. This is the time when you have to do long-term planning. This is the time when you need to have patience and focus on things that need urgent attention. Take some time out and step back and contemplate things. This time is the healing time may it be your mind, body, soul, or situation. Give some time to yourself and do not run into the competition of life. Make yourself a priority which is the need of the hour. Take every step carefully.


One step at a time to remove the barriers from your life. Be patient and think clearly how and what are the things that you really need to work upon so your journey will be clutter free. Go out meet new people, join a community of your similar interest and you will find out a new way to chase your dreams. You might find someone in this community or an event who will help you to move ahead in your life. This person might become the bridge who will help you to connect to your dreams or a dream job. You are on a journey to meet your soul family, which will keep growing as you move forward and help you and support you on every step of your life.


You might have come to a situation where everything has become standstill, nothing is moving and doesn’t seem anything to be happening soon. But now is the right time when you have to clear the clutter from your mind and think clearly. The universe wants you to focus on the things that are important. If you are not able to find out then you should take a step back and look into the matters minutely. Be thoughtful how you spend your time and with whom you spend your time. Every decision right now is important and should be taken seriously only then you will be able to move out of the stuck situation.


You have never waited to keep things happening to you, instead, you have always made your way to your dreams. This quality and experience of making your way to your dreams have made you mentally strong. Many times to catch up with your waking dreams you have not slept. But now is the time when you are going to be the leader and people are going to follow in your footsteps. Your personality and your life journey have made you an ideal person whom people love to follow in your footsteps. The success you have achieved or going to achieve soon has not been an easy journey. Still, you need to think clearly and make every move carefully.


You might be having someone in your close circle or in a family who pretends to be your well-wisher but this person is not. Now is the time when you have to find out this person and eliminate him/her from your life. You might have to be harsh but this is what you have to do to protect yourself. Release all the negativity from your life, may it be thoughts or relationships. Clearing the unnecessary things in life will help you to build a new and happy life for yourself. It seems that you are slowly getting attracted toward spirituality which is going to enlighten you and your thoughts. You are entering into an expansive transformation.


Let the past vanish and the glory of the present shine. Be flexible as you do not have to keep fighting all the time. Sometimes being flexible makes the new way for you but do not compromise with your values. Abundance is on its way if you know when and how to maintain the balance of being strong and flexible. A message is on its way which is going to bring a huge change in your life. This message could be from your very close friend. Someone is admiring you from a distance for a long time but this person might now think of making a move toward you.


A decision to make and stand up and speak for yourself. The decision might be tough and dicey but still, you need to think about what is right and do the right thing. Gather the courage to say no, this could be going against your family and saying no to a marriage/marriage proposal. You also might have to face everything alone and head on a new journey all alone. But remember a pure soul like yours is going to get the company of your angel and spirit guides who will help you to move ahead. Everything will fall into place at the right time. Your future is going to heal all your past wounds and make way for a new beginning.


Yes, the time has been really tough and still, you feel like you have to cross more obstacles to reach your destination. But now is the right time for you to make plans and act upon them. While working on your plans you might run into someone who is from the same field. This someone might become your love interest soon. This person will help you to overcome the obstacles in your life. Something exciting lies ahead so do not stop and move ahead with positivity. An adventurous journey is calling you which includes a lot of travel in the jungle or nature. You are about to shine in your field and going to be a known personality.

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