Weekly Tarot Guidance: 12.03.23 – 18.03.23


You have gone through a lot of emotional turmoil that leads you to anxiety and depression. You are aware of your situation and trying to overcome it and the universe appreciates. There is help available to you in form of your loved ones, spirit guides, and angels. You need to ask for help and they will all be there for you. You need to take the first step and things will start sorting out. Read and listen to spiritual books and good thoughts that will help you to change your perspective toward life. The blockages are about to get clear and there are new hopes and renewal of your life are soon coming to you. If you are working on any important project then thorough research is required.


Those who are waiting for a result or a decision then do not worry things are going to work out in your favor. Remember you have all the resources available for you to become successful. You might have to deal with some legal issues or confront some like divorce, inheritance, work contract, etc. Justice is going to be on your side but you have to be careful with all the technicalities and do some research work. Spend some time alone in nature and call upon all nature’s elements to heal you and guide you to the right path and they will be happy to help you.


You have gone through a lot of difficult and painful times in your life. This difficult time of yours has made you wiser and taught you a lot of significant life lessons. Nothing worries you anymore not even the success of your colleagues or friends. But right now your focus is only on yourself and your life. You are in desperate search of your life purpose, you are trying to listen to your inner calling and want to follow the same path. But still, you are not clear about what the exact calling is. You need to reconnect with your higher self for you to know that. You have all the power and energy to bring the right balance in your life and manifest all your dreams into reality.


What is holding you back from healing and moving ahead? what is scaring you? Old has gone and the new and positive changes are waiting for you to step in. You are the one who have to decide which way to go, to move ahead or stay stuck into the past. If you make some effort to step out of your comfort zone you will see a new phase of your life waiting for you. You are on the way to a larger than life situation. The universe is supporting you on every aspect of life to move ahead. Whatever happened in past was just for your betterment or for some reason which was necessary. So take the lessons and move ahead.


A new position or a great opportunity is on its way. If you are planning to start something new or a new business then now is the great time to start. Whose life partner is staying at a far distance will return to meet you after a long time. Many times you are more attracted to things that are out of your league or hidden from you. You also tend to fall into the same pattern of old emotions and make your life a living hell for yourself. Start working on yourself and keep working to discover yourself and your potential. Do not let all the dust of little things of life settle upon you. Go within and start asking yourself questions as to why you choose this life when you can live a happy life.


You might be facing some politics at your workplace but if you make smart moves then you will remain safe. Some of you might be fighting a legal battle for kids’ custody but you have to be careful and look out for perfect legal help. You also need to look out for other options that might help to settle things out of court in a mature and mutual understanding. In your career and life if you feel stuck then free yourself from the restrictions and start enjoying every moment of life. Give yourself some time so you can think differently and find new ways and new directions in life.


You might be going through some loss but it had to be meant to end at this time and it had too. But remember your loved ones never leave you they are always around you in different forms. If you are going through a break up then the relationship had to end as it was a karmic connection and was there to teach you something. If you are going through any confusion make sure you meditate and ask for help from your spirit guides and they will guide you. While dealing with investments or legal matters make sure you participate actively and do not completely rely on someone. A mistake or carelessness might cause you damage.


You are not ready to listen to your intuition and think that what you are feeling is not right. Connecting to your higher self will help you to guide you to the right path. You need to research the project you are working on and the study will help you to achieve success. You will be raised to a higher level of position in your job. If you are a writer then you need to do a lot of research about the subject you are writing for. Especially if you are writing on any spiritual topic or serious topic then thorough research is a must. If you are going through any issues give yourself enough time to heal yourself.


There is a conflict going on within you. The conflict is about what others want from you and what you want to do. A lot of chaos is going on in your head which way to go? how do fulfill others’ expectations of you? or should listen to your inner calling? Your inner calling is more powerful and you cannot resist that. Make sure you strike a balance between what you want and what others want from you. Your destiny will be decided by the path you choose to follow. Do not worry about how well others are doing, just focus on yourself on how well you will be able to do.


Are you afraid of slipping back into the old emotional pattern of toxicity? Stop you are not going there again but you have to stop affecting yourself with little things. Connect to your higher self again as you have started losing touch with yourself and which is why you are fearing the past emotions. You have made a lot of plans which are lying around but have not started working on it. Remember you have all the power and a calming energy resides inside you, work on it and you will see the magic happening into your life.


Your psychic gifts are developing and you keep ignoring it. It is not what you should be scared of, it a god’s gift that you have got and you should be aware of it and use it wisely. The opportunities, the options, some great advice are knocking on your door so be aware and take things seriously. The blessings are ready to pour upon you and you might ignore it just because you are scared as no good things will happen to you. Keep your fears aside and go within where you could listen to your actual self and then follow you heart and you will know what exactly you need to do.


Congratulations as you have ended a karmic cycle and about to start a new life. Right now things might seem to be difficult and the situation is not kind of celebrating, But whatever happened had to happen in that way so that you could end your karmic pattern. You are about to begin a new life and make sure you help yourself to come out of this situation as soon as possible. As soon as you are ready for a new beginnings you will see magic happening into your life. There are some in the spirit world watching you and protecting you all the time. Make sure you listen to them as they are guiding you to your new path of life.

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