Weekly Tarot Guidance: 19.03.23 – 25.03.23


It’s time to break out of the old toxic thought pattern, self-criticism, or the fear of repeating the pattern of life. Work on yourself and do the things you like and are passionate about and you will start getting clarity on what you want in life. Believe in the impossible as the wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. If you were worried about finances then now you do not have to worry as the door of wealth is opening for you. The wealth could be also your ancestor’s property or through some unexpected work. But for that, you need to step out of your comfort zone and move ahead confidently. New job opportunities, business deals or a long-term commitment to a relationship is heading towards you.


Are you ignoring your intuitions or the messages from the universe which is opposite to your decision? Are you deciding to go back to the place, situation, or person whom you have left for a reason? Your higher self knows what is best for you so calm your inner self and listen to it carefully. Do not worry or stress yourself too much just because you have to decide something. Take your time, and connect with yourself as right now you feel disconnected and so there is no chaos in your mind. Nothing is yet set in stone you still have time to think and make a decision. Remember your decision will decide your future so do not make any hasty decisions. A new start is coming!


Stop looking out for what is trending and what others are following to be successful. You need to find out what you can do differently and stand out from others and success will follow you. Research on your work and its market-related studies is a different thing and following others is a different thing. You are different and your ideas are unique which makes you stand out from others. Make sure you do not carry any old thought patterns or toxic people with you while you are heading toward your brighter future. Meditation and yoga will help you to stay connected and find all the answers that you are seeking. Someone special is waiting for the right time to make a romantic move toward you.


You are ready to heal yourself and your past wounds and ready to move ahead in life with confidence. You are ready to fight the unwanted thoughts or situations that are holding you back. Make sure you also take care of those who are or were hurt because of you and still stood by your side. Your soul is calling you and guiding you to the right path, make sure you listen to it carefully. Your soul guide wants you to direct and focus your energy in a purposeful manner. Your choice to shift your focus from the future or past to the present is being appreciated by the universe. Gratitude will help you to attract more good things toward you.


Shift your focus from materialistic life to a life that has more emotions, joy, and spirituality. This will help you to manifest true love into your life. You also need to focus more on yourself and make yourself and your happiness a priority. Indulge yourself in the things that make you happy and you enjoy it. It’s time to act upon your dreams and move ahead with a new perspective. This new phase of your life is going to challenge you at every step of life. This is the time when you need to prove to yourself that you can move ahead with confidence and that no one can stop you. Work more on your spiritual side which will help you to overcome all the challenges and choose the right path.


Meditation and contemplation is the need of the hour. This act will help you to open the door of healing and happiness. Also the door of adjacent possibilities will also be opening for you. Make sure you do not indulge into unnecessary spending of money and plan a secure long term investment. Things are going to change but slowly and steadily which will take patience but the happy changes are here to stay for long time. Remember to take care of your physical and mental health while moving towards the new journey of life. Listen to your intuitions and you will not be mislead by anyone or anything.


You are sensing something is wrong or some danger coming towards you. This storm warning you might have started getting since some time now and you are scared of it of being true. But you are ignoring it purposely as you do not want to face this situation. Instead of ignoring you should be more careful and attentive so you can find a solution to deal with it. A relationship is about to end and you know it so be ready to take healthy actions towards it. This situation might create lot of why in your head but as time passes you will know that things happened for your good. Be bold enough to take the charge of your life by listening to your heart.


You are ready to win over everything that you dream of as you trust and belief has been restored. Your working on self is going to show you the positive results in your life. Right now you are also busy in choosing a new path or option that you could invest your time in. This creative and enthusiasm side of yours is speeding up the things. Still there are lot of things to be done and efforts to be put in but you will achieve the success you are dreaming of. You have learned to apply the lessons that you have learned from your past mistakes and this wise moves of yours is working for you magically.


It seems that you are or were in a extra marital affair or in a two relationships at the same time. At all this time you were or are just being practical and not emotional. You are taking decision according to who fits into your practical plans of life. In this love triangle one partner is more into emotions and love and other is more practical than you. So you are confused as whom to choose or just keep this going as long as it is not dangerous for you. Now is the time when you have to balance your approach and choose the right person and not to cheat in a relationship. Keep your insecurities aside and talk to someone who can guide you right.


You have gone through a very tough time, a broken heart, and emotional trauma. But now is the time when you have accepted things gracefully and trying to heal yourself from the pain. You still trust the god/universe and have faith that things are going to be alright. Right now you are on the journey to connect with your higher self. Make sure in the future too, do not let your past hold you back as the past might try to sneak in slowly. Stop worrying about your loved ones as they are too taken care of by the universe the same way as you are. You and your loved ones are safe, protected, and guided by the universe. Spend some time near water which will bring peace to you.


The end of the tough cycle approaches but still you need to take action to complete the present cycle. Break all the restrictions that you have put on yourself due to the fear of losing. Now is the time to reflect on your thinking pattern and your life plans. You need to step out of your comfort zone and step into the vast world that has so many options and opportunities to offer you. Once you step out and start exploring you will find what exactly you are meant for. You might also find your life purpose and meet your passion. This new journey is not going to be easy but still it will be a beautiful process that you are going to enjoy.


Right now you might be dealing with painful emotions or emotions that are beyond your control. But at the same time, you are trying to balance it and take charge of your life in your hands. You are following every practice that is going to help you calm your emotions. Meditation, yoga, walking, exercising, and also following a healthy diet, and living a disciplined life. You might fail sometimes but still, you are now not ready to give up. You might have cut down the social activities to focus on your inner self and renew your inner power. If you are still not on this path soon you are going to be as you are in the process of self-transformation. And your strength is that you believe in the impossible.

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