Weekly Tarot Guidance: 26.03.23 – 01.04.23


You have all the power, skills, and talent to transform your life and create something new. You are missing the opportunities due to the resistance of the power you possess. Now is the right time to use your creative energy and take your life to the next level. You may be destined to be a healer, psychic, writer, publisher, or therapist but something is blocking your way. You need to be open to receive the help and signs that the universe is trying to send to you. Have faith in your dreams and yourself and listen to the calling of your soul. Focus on your dreams and keep moving ahead and do not look back. The loving energy is opening for you so be ready to find your soulmate on the way.


Luck is in your favor right now so do not miss any opportunity that will help you to move ahead. Financial abundance is on the way so you should be alert and active to know which way to go and how to achieve your goal. Remember only money should not be your goal, but follow your passion and that energy will bring your rewards with it. Do not lose hope if things are not going according to your plans but be open to opt the right option or opportunity at the right time. Enjoy every process and be open to learning things on the way to your success. Be grateful for every lesson that life teaches you and learn to use them wisely.


The door to your spiritual development is opening for you. Be open to receiving messages from your spirit guides as they are guiding you to choose the right path. The Angel of love is smiling on you so be ready to find the love of your life. But before that make sure you awaken love and compassion for yourself too, only then you will be ready to receive love from others. You should step out of the same thinking and working pattern. Be bold and try something new that you always wanted to do but are scared of whether will work or not. Ask yourself what things you really need to release which will make you feel light and easy to move ahead.


Your spirit guides are sending your messages and signs to help you to make the right decision and follow the right path. The storm that you were scared of was coming towards you is now vanished and you can relax and stop worrying. The thing is that you need a practical plan to execute to make your dream into reality. If you think and plan things practically you will be able to achieve your goal. Work on your spirituality and develop your spiritual side which will help you to maintain the balance of the emotional and practical sides. The spiritual side will help you to listen to your inner voice.


You were facing some unpredictable or risky situation that was making you anxious. But now the situation is going to end soon but still, your struggle is not going to be over yet. You need to fight for your rights and stand up for yourself. The one who can save you from the difficulties is only you so do not give up and keep trying. If you are in any confusion then ask for help from your angels and they will guide you. Always being practical will not help in some places especially when it is related to relationships you have to listen to your heart and not mind. Your words should be used as a wand to create magic and not a sword to cut off or hurt someone.


Your important task or priority right now should be to find the exact code to unlock your hidden talents. Also before that, you need to work on your fears in which you are trapped and unable to move ahead. Take some time out and do something that gives you happiness. The energy that will be created while doing what you love will help you to know the code to your happiness. Life has some positive surprises in store for you but you have to work on yourself first. If needed ask for help from your elders and they will guide you in the right direction.


Do not be scared to be the real you or show the real you to others be confident and trust yourself. Your unique characteristics make you stand out from others so be confident. You are scared of changes and the unknown future but you don’t have to. A new beginning is ahead of you so be ready to step into the positive and beautiful beginnings. Sun is shining high on you and follow the light as it will lead you to a successful and romantic life. You might find someone special at the workplace or while visiting some place for work. Make sure at work place you keep your confidential information safe and secure and do not share it with anybody.


Learn to value time and manage it properly. Do things on time and know when the time is right. The wheel of fortune is turned in your favor and so the jealousy is also going to heighten in others. So choose the right people with whom you share your time and your plans. You have a lot of friends wherever you go but not all are your well-wisher. Many of them are the ones who spread rumors about you. It’s time to move from fearfully to living joyfully and stop complaining about everything. Be polite as you move ahead and keep making friends as you do but make sure you know where to draw the line.


Everything is going fine but still, you feel stuck and nothing is moving ahead, especially in a relationship. There is something that you feel is missing and you are trying to find out what. Ask yourself what is it that you are searching for or speak to your partner about the issues you are facing. New cycles, new beginnings, and new hopes are on their way but you are not ready for the change. To bring that positive change you need to work towards it and nothing is going to happen by itself. Be confident and work on your plans carefully. Also, make some time for yourself to pamper and do whatever you love. This ‘ME’ time will help you to think outside the box and know what exactly you want.


Be aware of the two-faced people who are around you. These people show their sad side to you so they can win your sympathy and use you and your emotional side to their advantage. Right now there are a lot of things going on in your mind that are making you restless. Because you are still confused about how to execute your plans. But are you sure your plans are practical and this is the right time to execute them? Or is it laziness that is holding you back? Take some time out to know where you stand either now or very soon. It’s time to take your talent to another level and it could be done by accepting new challenges or by upgrading your knowledge.


Right now you might be going through some tough times but this is a transformation time you are into. There might be a dicey situation due to which making a decision is difficult for you, but everything is going to be clear soon. An old phase of life is going to an end and a new phase of life is about to begin. Powerful new beginnings are on their way. Be ready for the new beginnings and living the old that does not serve your highest good. Soon you are going to get a chance or opportunity that is rare to get. So be aware and grab the opportunity as soon as you get it. Also, someone special or a special friend is going to enter your life.


You might have gone through the loss of your beloved or a breakup that has hurt you badly. But it’s time for you to accept the reality of life and start a new one. Those who are going through a breakup find it hard to trust anybody now as you were shocked to see their true face. But not everyone is the same, you have to give yourself and your life a second chance. Your soul might have signed this to experience and learn something in this life. So take the lessons and forgive others so you can move on easily. There are also people like you in this world who love truly and deeply so wait for a soul connection to arrive. But this connection will arrive only when you are ready with an open heart. Allow your life to unfold and be easy on yourself.

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