Weekly Tarot Guidance: 02.04.23 – 08.04.23


You are an alchemist who knows the power of magic and turn things as per your desire. But you have forgotten your power due to the unfortunate situations that have shaken you up. Everything happens for a reason due to which you are going through a transformation. You have been isolated so that you find the right path. Now is the right time to decide whether you want to be a follower or a leader. This dark time is taking you to the end of the tunnel where divine light is waiting for you. Go ahead and make the right choice and you will experience the magic that you always believed in. Your prayers are being answered.


You have to revise your lifestyle choices now. This is the right time to start taking care of your well-being may it be physical, mental, or social. Happiness, health, and comfort go hand in hand. If you balance every aspect of life, it will bring personal fulfillment. Ask yourself why you are doing this and what you are going to get from this. If you keep asking yourself questions about your motives, you will set the right intention while chasing your dreams. The right intention and energy is what will manifest right things for you.


Our family is our greatest support so if you are going through some rifts with them it will heal soon. Your family bond is something anyone can feel envious of. Be open to receiving messages from your deceived loved ones as they are trying to speak to you. Your deceived loved one might have become your spirit guide and wants you to know that they are with you still holding your hands, not letting you fall. They are communicating to you through signs, symbols, or dreams. Be alert so that you can listen to them and their guidance. An old friend might bring you some good career opportunities.


Some people come in your life to teach you life lessons so you become wiser and make the right decisions. Instead of learning things you get scared and choose to remain silent. Silence will not help you to grow but standing up for yourself is what will help you grow and become wise. Talk to your companion who will help you to understand situations better. Even if a tiny thing goes against you, you start giving up hope and are not ready to stretch yourself to understand what went wrong and find solution. Empower yourself and take charge of your own destiny. Do not hand over the steering wheel of your life to other people. Be confident and take the required action to fulfill your dreams.


The universe is repeating itself: have clarity about what you want and why. Declutter your mind as there are a lot of thoughts going on at the same time which is the why there is confusion all the time. Don’t run after things that are not worth your time or simply chase them because others are running after them. You have to decide what is good for your higher self without telling others what you are up to. Look at people beyond their status and position. Do not look at what they can offer you. You have all the strength to move ahead and retain your uniqueness and authenticity. Your being true to yourself will help you align your energy with the miracles that are waiting for you.


Fears that you are carrying with you are related to your past life or past bad experiences. You are scared to face the people who are against you or trying to demean you. If you are right then you should not be scared of anyone. Gather the courage to stand up for yourself and fight for your rights. Take some time out to know what is it that is triggering you and creating the fear. If you need, take help of a counselor or advice from a person you trust. Because it’s time for you to enter into a new life, and new beginnings, and for sure you do not want to carry your past emotional baggage into your new life.


Holding on to something destructive is harmful to you and others too. Let things end. As you know, after death, there is life and after every dark phase, there is always light. So take the first step, no matter how difficult it is, but you have to keep yourself safe and sound. Move away from such toxicity and negativity as new beginnings are waiting for you. Life is ready to give you a second chance and live the beautiful life that you always dreamt of. You are scared that you have left a few things behind just for this relationship or situation and now no one is going to accept you back. But the love and connection you have with these people, the ones you left behind is stronger than you think.


Stop criticizing yourself and look at yourself from other people’s eyes. You know why and where you are lacking so work on your confidence. Remind yourself that life is here and now and not in the past or future. Release all the negativity and work on yourself so that you can shine bright. Stop comparing yourself with others and be your true self who knows how to take charge of life. Be present in the moment. You will be able to see the potential you have to create the magic you want to see in your life.


You have strong willpower to manifest all your wishes. But the truth is that your impulsive behavior attracts trouble and you cannot resist the temptations. Your funda is that life is too short so live to the fullest. But your interpretation of living to the fullest is wrong. You tend to fall for addictions and destructive habits. Remember, that this lifestyle is not going to take you to good places in life. You are blessed that you have got everything you need and especially the power to believe in something so strongly that it turns into reality. Revaluate your life and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Use your willpower and energy correctly and you will notice how blessings pour in.


You might have gone through a deep loss and you are still not able to overcome it. Since then you are trying to seek something but have no idea what exactly it is. This restlessness is the sign that you are on the right path and you are going to find what you are seeking soon. Do not bind yourself to the time limit or think that time is running out. No, you have all the time that is required to create the magic in life. Listen to your soul’s calling and you will find the right path. You will be presented with an unexpected gift on your soul’s path.


Don’t look at the world or judge it according to your personal experiences. In this vast world, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Come out of your comfort zone and look at how vast the world is and what all it can offer you. Take a step back, take a break from whatever you are doing, and travel to places. The experiences will help you to break free from your thinking pattern. Your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you through signs and words. Be open to receiving their messages may be while reading a book or while listening to the radio. You are never alone. Your spirit guides are always around loving and protecting you.


Gather the courage to fight with the situation that is bothering you. If you are going through some pain or emotional trauma make sure you embrace that feeling and let it flow. But also make sure you do not stay into that state for a longer time. Start working on yourself and always be aware of your fears or anxiety that is triggering you. Take note of the thought that trigger you and or makes you feel anxious. Surround yourself with the positive energy, go out and spend some time with your loved ones. Meditation and breathing exercises will help you to come out of this state. And also remember you are always protected and guided by your spirit guides.

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