Weekly Tarot Guidance: 23.04.23 – 29.04.23


Cut yourself from the crowd and spend some time alone. Or maybe you have been in solitude due to the weird or selfish behavior of others. This is the time given to you to clear all the toxicity and negativity from life and focus on yourself. You have gone through a lot of difficult phases but at that phase, you have to help others as much as possible from your side. All your good karma is going to bring you blessings in your life. This is a time of transformation and transformation or change is always not that easy but all is happening for your highest good. Many of you are going through a spiritual transformation. Abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity are ready to blossom in your life.


Spend some time in solitude so you can counsel yourself rather than listen to others’ opinions and get more confused in life. Let go of those that do not serve you well. Take some time out for yourself and make sure you enjoy every moment in life. This is the time when you should just listen to your intuition and follow your heart. Release all the negativity from your life especially if you are dealing with such a relationship that makes you think about your worth. Go on a solo trip and give yourself the love and time that you always wanted from your loved ones. Love yourself and you will never seek love from others.


Do you feel everything is stuck and not making any progress in life or in a project that you are working on? But there are a lot of things going on below the surface and you will get to know the outcome when the time is right. Your life might not be at peace right now but trust the universe is working behind the scene to bring serenity and peace to your life. Your simplicity and handling of the challenges in a graceful way are soon going to be appreciated by the universe. People might feel safe by just being around you as you are remarkable in overcoming any challenges in life. People might shrink due to the difficulties but you expand your horizons and grow with them. Simplify your life by clearing internal and external clutter.


You should start trying new things, and do something different than usual. Do not be scared if you want to stand out from others or do something that you love. You are chosen to do big things like helping and protecting others who are unable to do so for themselves. Take a leap of faith and fly high as you are protected by your ancestors. Take some time out, take a step back, and think calmly about your plans and how you are going to execute them. Listen to your higher self as it is trying to guide you and you have been ignoring it. This is the time to start new but before that healing on all levels is required.


You are in search of peace but it is getting difficult for you to find one. But serenity resides inside you and you do not have to search externally. To restore the peace within you, you have to simplify your life and start listening to your inner voice. You might feel that life isn’t progressing and something somewhere is stuck. But now is the time to speak the truth to yourself and start working on the things that are stuck. You have strong opinions to give but you do not want to be in the limelight or take the charge of the situation. Bring yourself into the light and be the leader, show the right path to the lost ones.


Tap the inner incredible potential that you have kept on the back burner. Activate your potential which is going to bring blessings your way. Now is the time when you start thinking for yourself and make yourself a priority. Enjoy every moment in life, make your life full of beautiful experiences by traveling and meeting new people. Your inner spiritual power is calling you and you have to listen to it carefully. Angels, spirit guides are all around you to help you to tap into that hidden power and show you the right path to grow. You have been repressing some emotions from long time and you need to make a way out for it or it will erupt like a volcano soon.


You are heading towards an enlightenment and your spirit guides are guiding on this spiritual journey. Do not be scared of the experiences you will be getting on this journey they are not scary but they are overwhelming. Be open to receive the guidance through signs or messages or dreams that you are getting to walk on this path. Have faith in yourself you are so much more than you believe yourself to be. Trust that the universe is working in your best interest. Be a sacred observer and let the life unfolds itself with its own time. A wonderful miracle is about to happen.


Don’t be a prisoner to the situation or circumstances, set yourself free so that you can find the solution. Do not block your mind by self-limiting your beliefs. Rather be open to new ideas, suggestions, and if required advice or opinion of others. You need to have a lot of patience while dealing with any difficult situations. If you handle things calmly you will definitely be going to get the returns in form of a blessing. You will be surprised to see the outcome that you never believed to happen. If you are unable to see clearly ahead then that is the time when you have to pause for some time and wait for clarity before acting on it.


Playing the victim is equal to playing safe. When you have the scope to be out of this situation but rather chose to remain in that situation and sympathize with yourself. You are the only person who can help yourself and no one else can help you. Set your spirit free, speak for yourself, and do not be scared of what others will say or think about you. Live for yourself and set an example for others so no one is scared to do the right thing. In the beginning things might seem difficult but once you move ahead you will feel that everything you did is worth it. Your self-esteem is more important than anything else. Trust that once you are fearless you will receive the support, love, and acceptance from the right people.


If you feel that is why nothing is moving ahead in life? why you don’t feel that enthusiasm to do something? Because right now universe wants you to take some time off for yourself. The universe wants you to relax as you have dragged yourself enough to date. This time is given for you to leave life for yourself, to pamper and rejuvenate. Right now you might not see things clearly or worry about your future, but trust the universe is working on your behalf to make things right for you. You are been protected by your spirit guides. Use this time to clear all the clutter from your life as well as from your house and workspace. This clutter might block free-flowing energy in your life and things will not move easily for you.


It’s time to clear all the mess may it be clearing the clutter of the house or be it giving closure to a relationship. As finally, the time comes when you have to make a firm decision and move ahead. An adventurous life is waiting for you. If you are planning to move to a different place, state, or country then now is the time when you will get a green signal for the same. A new energy, new life, and new phase is waiting to welcome you. If you have been ignoring any sign or a person till now then now that person is going to open new doors of opportunity for you.


Leaves fall off so that trees can survive the winter and grow new leaves in spring. In the same way, unnecessary, unwanted things, situations, or relationships fall off and they have to leave at the right time. People come into your life to teach you something or to lead you to the right path. So holding on to it will stop your progress or development. Clear the things that keep holding you back and let yourself fly high. New opportunities and options are waiting for you. Gifts from the universe are ready to cascade into your life in form of abundance and fulfillment. Things might not remain steady but if you keep counting your blessings they will keep multiplying.

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