Weekly Tarot Guidance: 30.04.23 – 06.04.23


You are heading towards a spiritual enlightenment and an expansive transformation that shines in the dark. Your spiritual guides are proud of you and your self-awareness aligning with the universe. You have to make intentional efforts to come out of your comfort zone and trust yourself. You are brave and can stand strong and survive in anything. Your ancestor’s blessings are there with you. Your wisdom is expanding and the people around you can sense your changing energy. May it be on a career front or personal level, success is following. Being grateful for all the small successes and it will give birth to the big success.


If you feel that the situation or circumstances are out of your control then just give some time to yourself. Take a step back and do something that will help you to restore the peace within you. This time will give you the answers that you are seeking. Let life unfold as per divine planning. The best thing you can do is simplify your life and start clearing the clutter internally as well as externally. Be grateful for the small blessings in your life and this will multiply more blessings for you. The universal rule is to be grateful for what you have and it will give you more. Soon abundance and joy are going to flow easily to you.


Your life is expanding on physical as well as spiritual levels. Right now you might not be able to see how and what life is going to be shaped. But beneath the surface, things have started working for you. When you will be ready to bring the change in your life things will start appearing in front of you. Do not be afraid to move forward as your ancestors are protecting and guiding you from the spiritual realm. They want you to know that you have their support and blessings. Begin to look at your world in a new way. Your life is escalating and intensifying in the best possible way and for your highest good.


Right now you need a time where you can be yourself and have some fun in life. Through a party or join your friends on an adventure trip. But now is the right time to take a step back from serious issues and take some time out for yourself. Remember not always have to take things head on but in some places or situations, you need to be flexible. Try to adjust yourself according to the situation rather than keep fighting when you know it will be of no use. Do not make things complicated but try to simplify things and look into it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Watch for the signs that are coming from the higher realm.


Happiness, abundance, joy, and peace are on their way to you. Things are going to move very fast in your life. Opportunities that you have not even thought of will be showing up. But remember to keep yourself grounded and not get too carried away and make any mistakes. Things might be too overwhelming then you can take a small break and think carefully and then make decisions. Keep moving ahead and embrace every moment of life gracefully. You are always in search of inner peace but remember it resides within us. We just need to do the right things to restore the peace. Spend some time near the water, watching the nature and you will find what you are searching for.


If you are going through any health issues then you have to take care consciously. Eat healthy food and make sure you take morning sunlight every day. You are a person who can survive any condition or circumstance that may come in life. People might get scared of listening to such a situation but you never back out. You are the survivor and the winner. Now is the time when you should detox your body and your mind so all the difficult times and negative thoughts should now be flushed out. Your spiritual guides are watching over you and they are proud of your courageous nature. Your spiritual life should now be expanded in the right direction.


Now is not the right time to start anything new. Rather now is the time to clear all the old things, heal the wounds, and restore your peace within. Let yourself be free from the restrictions that you have imposed on yourself. You help people to find the true meaning of life and guide them to the right path. Then why not you do the same for yourself, why are you scared of what people will think of you. You are the leader who knows how to survive the storm and still keep your roots strong. Go within and listen to your inner voice and you will know what exactly you want or need in your life right now.


New beginnings are on their way. Gateways of opportunities are opening for you. New ideas and creativity are emerging. Luck is awaiting you so open your arms and greet it gracefully. Life is taking a beautiful turn for you. Currently, you might not be able to see it but the universe is working for you. Things will show up when the time is right. Abundance of joy and happiness are on its way and they will flow to you easily without any hurdles. Make sure you listen to your heart as it will lead you to the right direction.


You know very well how to deal with the difficult situation or with people. You are not ashamed to bend a little if the situation demands. You believe you can survive if life demands you to be a little flexible according to the situation. But you tend to run away from the truth, may it be telling the truth to the right people or to yourself. You need to face the truth of life. Being genuine will help you to set your spirit free. A sincere silence will help you to listen to your heart. Release the relationship that does not allow you to be yourself. Once you accept this fact you will head towards a beautiful transformation within you and in life too.


Divine healing is taking place as you have gone through a lot of emotional trauma. But trust the universe as it is making new ways for you to follow and lead you to a new life. For starting a new life, you have to take some risks. Do not be afraid of failure as it will teach you a few things that you need to take care of. But in the end, you will find success in a surprising way. If you believe. anything and everything is possible. Just around the corner exciting possibilities are waiting for you. Don’t limit yourself to the way wonders should appear to you, the wonders will appear unexpectedly in your life.


If you are unnecessarily stressing out about the safety and security of your family or loved ones then relax. Keep check on the things that help your loved ones to remain safe like insurance or financial investments. Being anxious will not help you to find the right way to do the right things. Be calm and relaxed things are fine. Once you calm yourself you can listen to your intuitions clearly and take the required right measures. Take time out and attend to those things that need your attention on priority. Forgive yourself if you are still holding yourself responsible for some past mistakes. Life is going to transform soon.


Whatever happened in the past now you have to release all those bad memories or negative emotions. You are holding yourself back and not allowing yourself to move ahead. Step ahead and find the hidden talent and skills that you are not letting come out. You have a profound spiritual power deep within you that needs to be allowed to flow easily. Do not doubt your capabilities be confident and move ahead in life. Clear all the clutter from your life may it be a toxic relationship, toxic people, or emotions that are hurting you. Heal yourself as you are worth loving and live life to the fullest.

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