Weekly Tarot Guidance: 14.05.23 – 20.05.23


A new start is coming! But remember only when you are ready to leave behind your old life. Ask yourself what is the thing that you are holding on to? What is it that you need to release? Does it really worth it? Or is it going to make any difference now? If the answer is no than you should release your past, old wounds, grief, or toxic people. Whatever it is holding on it nothing is going to change the past. Better start moving ahead into your life. A brighter future is waiting for you. Believe in your dreams as they are ready to be manifested. Blessings are on its way. Soon you will see new ray of hopes beaming in your life.


Are you finding an excuse for not doing anything or moving forward in life. After going through a painful situation or difficult time then you need to take some time to heal yourself. But taking time to heal and making excuses and not doing anything is totally different thing. Heal yourself and start moving ahead, no one is going to stop for you not even your life. Yes magic do happen but only when the universe can see your efforts to do something for yourself. Every situation or dreams needs practical plans and here you are some what waiting for magic to happen. If you put an effort than magic surely will happen. Start a gratitude journal which will help you to heal and know that your life is not bad as much as you think.


Step out of your comfort zone so that you can step into a new start. If you do not push yourself to do something new and take some risk then you will not be able to grow or progress in your life. All your dreams will come true if you start experimenting with new things. You will soon realize that you are heading towards something that feels like a call from destiny. Yes, some adjustments will be required while moving ahead but all will be worth it in the end. Keep believing in yourself and the power of your manifestation, as they are soon going to prove you right.


Why are you allowing your past to hold you back? Release all the emotional baggage related to the past so that you can move towards a new life. Apologize to the people whom you have hurt intentionally or unintentionally a sense of relief you get before moving ahead. If it was a relationship due to which you have stuck, know that it was all karmic and now it has to go. This relationship has played its role and it has to be over. The current situation about your career is full of potential so make sure you are actively participating without missing any chance.


Believe in the impossible and remember you have to act accordingly. Just dreaming about your goals is not going to happen if you do not have any practical plans to execute them. Stop comparing your life to others instead make sure you compete with yourself. Feel proud of where you have been and where you have reached and how further you can progress in life and career. Remember jealousy will only create negativity around you and will not let you move ahead in your life. All these thoughts come to mind when you are searching for excuses for not taking a much-required effort. Now you might have the answers you require so start moving ahead with a positive attitude.


Stop devaluing yourself and appreciate yourself. If you do not value yourself how can you expect others to do it. You are creating a negative energy around you of not being good enough. So do not blame others for not treating you well. Do you really think that you are not good enough? Are you confident about yourself or the skills you have? If not then find out what and where you are lacking and work on it. Now is the time to start working on yourself and move ahead in life with confidence. A good time is waiting ahead for you to realize and take the required steps.


Ask yourself what is it that you need to free yourself from? Staying connected to your past or the people from the past who do not have any value in your present life should be released. Especially if you are the one who is trying to stay connected and others are not interested. Believe in the impossible and you will see the magic happening. Do not be scared and let the universe take care of you. What happened may happen only once. If you have been confused about unsure about someone then it looks like he/she is a rare find. Be clear about what you value most and things will start falling into place.


Take some time to heal yourself mentally as well as physically. You have been running around since long time and now its time to take some rest. Once you calm your mind all the answers you are seeking will come to you. Someone special is coming in your life. If you are waiting that someone to approach you first then now is the time for you to take action. Don’t wait for others to act if you feel strongly for something than you should be the one to take the first step. Do not think about temporary solutions or plan for the time being. You should start long-term planning may it be career or love life.


There is a tug of war going on between what you want and what others want from you. Ask yourself are you handling the situation sensitively or as per the demand of the situation? Nothing is yet set in stone. You still have time to make things right at the right time before it takes an ugly turn. The way others are not able to understand your situation, the same way you are lacking in understanding others. Give some time to yourself and others and talk to them. Thinking outside the box will give you a perfection solution to your problems.


If things are not moving in the way that you want them to be then then do not doubt yourself or your potential. Practice spirituality and you will find your way and answers to your every question. You need to learn to balance your spirituality and practicality and this magic will start showing up. Stop thinking about the people who are not worth thinking about. If you are feeling suspicious about someone then go with your gut instinct. Distance yourself from the people who are creating unnecessary drama or negativity in your life or energy. It’s time to move from living fearfully to living joyfully.


Remember whatever things happen our soul has already made an agreement for the soul to evolve and learn from time to time. There might be some situation that is coming to a peak and it might be coming to an end. The door might shut now permanently to never open again. A legal matter will be in your favor. Take some time to heal yourself and make sure you do not carry any past baggage in the future. Let the phase end and leave the past behind. You are soon going to enter into a new romantic life.


It’s time when all your worries are going to soon get resolution. May the issues are domestic, on the professional front or personal everything will soon be in harmony. You might have to take some big decisions in life which will be life-changing ones and so it would be scary too. But start counting your blessings as right now you might not be able to see them but they are approaching you. Look at the bigger picture and the decision-making will be easy for you. You might also get a chance to shift to another place for a new job or to change your career. Keep moving forward your dreams are going to be true.

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