Message from the Universe

This is the time when we seriously need to listen to the nature. Nature has been damaged by us and now nature itself has taken the initiative to heal itself. Let’s take this chance to heal ourselves and gift our healed selves to the nature.

Let’s meditate, let’s analyse our life, let’s try and find out our life purpose. Let’s find out what can we do to take care of nature and the needy ones in future.

Message from the Universe / Nature

I was Guided to do this reading…

Love, Kindness, optimism & spirituality should become the driving force to lead life.

It’s time to be kind to others, giving and helping others will make life better not only of others but ours too. Whenever we help others, we experience a very different kind of peace and inner satisfaction. Helping isn’t always monetary. It can be a kind gesture or being a good listener or just being there for someone, just being kind to others. It’s time to speak the truth without fearing. It’s time to be trustworthy, loving and caring towards all living beings, without judging anyone. It’s time to take the initiative and do good deeds without any fear. Because now situations will start getting worse, as you will find everyone fighting over minor issues, no one will be in a mindset to understand anything. No logical arguments or practical thinking – the way our life is right now, it is taking a worst turn. Fights with loved ones, increasing rate of divorces, inability to think are some of the issues that may rule our lives. Right now, all we need is peace. It’s time to start looking within, and ask ourselves a few questions like:

  1. Where are we heading?
  2. What exactly we want out of life? and
  3. Why are we running without stopping or even pausing for a moment?

We should spend some time in solitude to know who we really are? Stop becoming the person you are not. If we do not start making conscious efforts to heal ourselves, then the universe will force us to in its own way to make us understand the importance of life, importance of the nature, and importance of loved ones, which is the Universe’s most beautiful gift to the humankind. Find the new you, to be very honest, not new but the real you. And who’s the real you? A soul who knows only the language of love and peace and nothing else.

Unfortunately, we have lost ourselves in this man-made world which is why we are experiencing panic, depression & mental health issues. We need to find our real self and the world will start transforming magically. Start meditating. This is the right time for all of us connect with our spiritual selves. We will find all the answers without having to wander anymore.